Our products are made in small-batches. We don’t compromise on ingredients and we are always looking locally and supporting local farmers for our ingredients that we put into our products. We are passionate about making our products from scratch and especially without adding any nasties, synthetics or chemicals into them! We don't need any nasties in our products, that not only harm us, but also harm our beautiful planet that we live on.


Blackwattle Apothecary is located in calm and tranquil surrounds in the Brisbane Valley.


Our candles are handmade with 100% pure soy wax and essential oils. The beeswax for the beeswax candles, is sourced right here in Queensland and she uses only pure essential oils.


We always worked with the mantra "KISS" - keep it simple sister, and that is what we do when we make our products, we keeps it simple. No names on the labels that can't be pronounced or said, we only use pure ingredients that is nourishing for your skin.

Thank you for your kind reviews, words of support but most of all your support for a small family business.

​With deepest gratitude

Jen & Neil xo​

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