Candle Care

To get the most enjoyment from your candle we recommend the following guidelines:

  • Burn your Blackwattle Apothecary for a minimum of 2 hours to create a wax pool to the edge of the candle container, and ALWAYS place your candle on a heatproof surface.

  • If you extinguish your candle before it reaches to the edge, your candle will cause a tunneling effect.

  • Always trim your wick. We recommend you trim your wick approximately to 3mm. If you don't trim your wick, it will start to smoke and the wick will mushroom.

  • For safety reasons we recommend leaving approximately 2mm of candle wax in the jar. If left to burn after the wax has all evaporated the metal wick tab can overheat and cause the glass to crack or explode.

  • Always keep your candle away from open windows, curtains, children and pets.

  • Always put your candle on a steady, flat surface.

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